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Custom / Café racer 

It all starts with passion, which moves their imagination and leads them to discover new solutions to make the colorful world of motorcycles more complete and original.
The motorcycle is a journey, a continuous research through which we select for them and for you the best products that reflect the right compromise between the need for safety and a refined aesthetic sense.


Riding a motorbike means first of all being yourself.
So free to think, to act, to dream, for this we offer a wide range of accessories for the customization of Vintage motorcycles and Cafè Race ,
In addition, we offer everything you need for the maintenance and maintenance of your passion.

Cafè Race was born from the choices of simple people, of those who chose to test themselves live and on the road, to pursue their passions to the end and without limits.

No matter the number of cylinders, if naked or vintage, if blue or black ... For a centaur the bike has no time, religion or color, but only passion ....

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